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Gram Crackers
Cracker Pack #16  


I’ll have a new post up on the MAD front page soon with more to say about movies, puzzles, and the site.  Really.  In the meantime, let me bring to your attention the 16th—and final!—installment in the MAD Gram Cracker puzzle series.  I have enjoyed playing around with the form and seeing what I could cook up each month.  I do hope that you’ve enjoyed them too on the solving end.

The December set is at the usual spot, the MAD Puzzles page.

One last note, a hearty and sincere “thank you” to Dan Feyer, the two-time reigning champ of the American Crossword Puzzle Tournament, who has provided invaluable service over the past year-plus test-solving the puzzles before they went live.  Thanks, Dan.  You are now released from duty.

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  1. Tons of fun — assuming you keep *relatively* current on movies and television. Actually, nothing here feels very obscure or come-lately. I think “GLEE” is about the most recent title in any of the theme answers, and that show’s a big enough hit that virtually everyone will at least have heard of it. Maybe some people forgot about “MONK”? No big deal, since the crosses and the clue make it inferrable. I think I might like / admire the theme a little more if the TV shows were, in every case, shoved inside the movie titles—then it would seem like the movie title was primary, and then altered (i.e. re-“made”) with a TV show. So essentially you’d need to ditch theme answers 1 and 3 … but those two are funny enough for me not to care *that* much about the inconsistency. All the TV titles are just one word, so there is a kind of consistency there. The only thing that really bothered me about the puzzle is the SW corner. A bygone governmental initialism crossing CAIRENE (a word I have never seen in my life until this puzzle)!?!? I ran the alphabet and still had nothing. Considered ZAIRENE (a native of Zaire???), but knew that there was no way a “Z” was going to be in a regulatory agcy. name. Then I re-ran the alphabet, slower this time, and saw the “Cairo” connection. Puzzle still done in better than average time, but I really could’ve done without that bit of obscurity/ugliness. In a corner that’s already weighed down by A MENU, that crossing was a little much.

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